18 Symptoms of Black Fever

symptoms of black fever

Visceral Leishmaniosis, kala-azar and also use the word black fever caused due to the bite of infected protozoan parasites having a genus of “Leishmania” or in a simple word a female sand fly. It takes too much time to develop and it targets to affect the liver, spleen and gallbladder that helps too in digestion. However, make sure it will be treated in time, otherwise, its consequences can be fatal! How to know if you have developed it? It has

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Test Tube Baby Process- Everything You Need To Know

test tube baby process

Sometimes a man’s sperm is not fertile enough to produce a baby. There are several other factors that put basis for the invention of this artificial method of child birth. In many cases, a man’s sperm is not strong enough to penetrate the women’s egg. In natural process of birth, it would but here when it doesn’t, what to do then? It is difficult for a couple to live without a child and especially when a man is able to

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Sodium Channel Blockers- Its Classification And Mechanism

sodium channel blockers list & mechanism of action

The world of drugs grows bigger every day and with the rapid progress of medical sciences it is growing even faster. There are thousands of drugs for different diseases and if we start writing about each of them, the language will grow tired. However, there are few drugs on which medical sciences are paying more concentration and students to need to understand them in order to get better with their medical sciences studies. One of those special drugs is Sodium Channel

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How to get rid of Stretch marks on Thighs naturally?

get rid of stretch marks on thighs

I have never seen a person in my life who for a beautiful skin, could bother spots or marks on any part of his/her body. People, in order to stay beautiful, take every measure that would help them keeping a clear skin. There are different kind of spots, sores and stretches that people get due to various incidents and obviously there are number of solutions discovered by medical sciences to get rid of these things. One of the types of

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Caseous necrosis- Its Causes, Mechanism and Pathology

what is caseous necrosis

For medical students, it is very important to learn the process of cell death which has a medical term named Necrosis. Process of cell death happens due to many reason and could have severe consequences sometimes death even. I have already wrote an article on the types of Necrosis but we didn’t generalize it. Today, I am going to do two tasks on the topic. 1st one is to explain the Necrosis and its general concept and 2nd is to

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How long does it take for stitches to dissolve?

time required for stitches to dissolve

After you get an injury, most likely a more severe one, doctors do stitches on your wound so that it can heal quickly. Most people don’t know about an ideal duration for these stitches to dissolve. That’s why this would be the main topic of discussion that how long does it take for these stitches to dissolve? Normally, after a surgery, the most ideal or average time known for stitches to dissolve is 7 to 10 days. But that could

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How does insulin works in the body? (Type 1 and 2 Diabetes)

how does insulin works in body

Our body needs a wide variety of proteins and carbohydrates to keep the energy level high in order to remain health. We get them by eating different food as our daily meal. Our cells need sugar to energize the body. However cells cannot make direct contact with the sugar. In such situation when the sugar level rises in your body, cells in pancreas call Insulin in the blood stream. Insulin then signal the cells to consume sugar to give energy

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How long do Bed Bug Bites last?

how long do bed bug bites last and how to treat them

In summers, bed bugs are very common and the bite they gave you can be very itchy. It would leave red spots on our face and every other part where it has bitten. I, personally hate summers and one of the reasons is this bed bug. There are a lot of questions that are asked about this bed bug and we are going to find answers for some of them. One of the very common questions is that how long

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Femoral Artery location, Pulse Cut, and Pain

femoral artery location, course, pain and cut

Human body has many arteries and studying deeply about each of them is very important for a medical sciences student. A good surgeon has a very good insight of all these and he will study more to become a better doctor. Today, the artery I have chosen to tell you about is the Femoral Artery. We will discuss the location, cut, pulse and pain of the this artery since all this is related to the anatomy. We will start from the

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Carotid Sinus Reflex, Carotid Sinus Syndrome, and hypersensitivity

carotid sinus reflex, syndrome & hypersensitivity

Today, I am going to tell you some very basic things about Carotid Sinus Reflex, Carotid Sinus Syndrome, and hypersensitivity. Here, in very short time, you can become familiar with the important definitions and characteristics of the mentioned things so let’s start reading them. Carotid Sinus Reflex: This can be described as an increased response towards carotid sinus stimulation. Some of the major symptoms of this response can be dizziness and syncope which comes from cerebral profusion. Vagal incitement can

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