Posterior Tibial Artery And Its Branches

posterior tibial artery

The posterior tibial artery runs down the leg, exactly below the knee. Its branches emerge off from the popliteal artery and supplies filtered blood to the leg’s posterior compartment and some portion of the foot. During the course of this blood vessel, it divides into varies branches. This incorporates the fibular, medial plantar, and lateral plantar arteries. While the artery delivers oxygenated blood, the poster tibial vein drains oxygen-depleted blood and then forces it back toward the heart and lungs

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Parasympathomimetic Drugs- Everything You Need To Know

parasympathomimetic drugs

Parasympathomimetic drugs also called as cholinomimetic or cholinergic drugs, these are actually the drugs which produce effects same as those produced by the incitement of parasympathetic nervous system on the particular organs. Neurotransmitter contains acetylcholine. Most of the peripheral autonomic nervous system fibers produce the secretion that cause synthesis and release of acetylcholine. However, results in activation of the parasympathomimetic system, thus named as cholinergic fibers. All preganglionic and some parasympathomimetic postganglionic with postganglionic sympathetic fibers, adrenal medulla and skeletal

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Internal thoracic artery And Its Branches & Clinical Importance

internal thoracic artery and its branches

The internal thoracic artery was previously known as the internal mammary artery and is an artery situated anteriorly in the thorax. It arises from the very first part of the subclavian artery. The left subclavian artery approach directly off the arch of the aorta, while on the right side of the human body, the brachiocephalic artery splits, giving rise to the right subclavian artery, and as well the right common carotid artery. The subclavian artery turns out to be axillary

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Intercostal nerves- Course, Branches, Innervation And Pain

intercostal nerves

The intercostal nerves are basically the ventral rami of the very first eleven thoracic spinal nerves are called as the intercostal nerves, while that of the twelfth thoracic nerve is known as the subcostal nerve and lies in the abdomen cavity. Course of Intercostal Nerves: The intercostal nerves are actually the prominent part of the somatic nervous system, that move into the corresponding intercostal spaces lying between the parietal pleura and the posterior intercostal membrane. They, then run forward, lying

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