A Few Hacks Using Aspirin

Head ache? Searching for aspirin pill? Yeah! Cheapest way to get rid of pain. Oh well and the talk didn’t ends here, in this article we will let you know that how to play with aspirin. I mean a few hacks using Aspirin.

A Few Hacks Using Aspirin:

A Few Hacks Using Aspirin

Revive Dead Car Batteries Using Aspirin:

In case you find you car stuck, not starting and you figured out that it happened because of the poor car battery you have fitted in. Simply what you have to do is put 2 pills of aspirin in your car’s battery, the acetyl silicic acid found in aspirin will react battery’s sulphuric acid, thus, providing you enough power from the battery that you can take your car to mechanic or a service outlet.

To Restore Hair Color By Using Aspirin:

Sometimes pollutants or chemicals in water such as chlorine can damage your natural hair tone. To restore your natural hair shade back you just have to put 6-8 Aspirin pill in a glass of hot water. Then sprinkle this water over your hair and massage, make sure that water shouldn’t be too hot else it can cause…. you better know it LOL. Repeat this process after every 15 minutes (not more than 3-4 times).

To Relieve Pain Caused By Insect bites or Wasp Stings:

In case you are bitten by an insect or stung by a wasp/honey bee. What you have to do is to take an Aspirin pill and rub it over the wound caused by insect or wasp/honey bee. You will find relieve in pain at instant, moreover, it will also reduce swelling if any.

To Remove Stain Of Eggs From Clothes:

It happens so many times with me, while cooking I often get a blob of egg over my clothes. Honestly speaking while breaking eggs LEL. So to remove those egg stains you can use tartar cream + mild hot water + magic pill (aspirin). Say bye to egg stains.


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