Astonishing Benefits Of Mayonnaise On Health and Beauty

Mayonnaise is liked in every home especially children love it. Mostly it is consumed with bread and in burgers/sandwiches. Mayonnaise includes egg yolk, oil, lemon juice or vinegar.

Mayonnaise bears a plenty of vitamins, moreover, it helps to keep blood pressure at constant level. Along with vitamins Mayonnaise contains several essential minerals like phosphorous, potassium, calcium, which is very important for our bones. One spoon Mayonnaise gives you around 100 calories approx. depends upon in which oil it is prepared, Mayonnaise prepared in canola oil have lesser calories than others (57 calories approx.). It can be served along with crushed onions, along with fries, in burgers, along with boiled eggs and in salads it just cherishes the taste of meal. Here in this article we will tell you a few benefits of Mayonnaise on Health and Beauty.

How to make Mayonnaise:

  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar if it is not available then add 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup canola oil or your favorite oil such as vegetable, sunflower or olive oil.
  • Put everything in Blender and blend. Make sure to pour oil in stream while blending.

You can add sunflower or vegetable oil if you are not diet conscious. You can add shred of chicken to make it a chicken spread, or for mayo garlic just simply add a single clove or garlic or two depends on your taste. Make sure to refrigerate it and consume within 2 weeks. The above mentioned quantity of ingredients will yield you 8-10 servings (approx) of pure and natural home made Mayonnaise.

Benefits Of Mayonnaise On Health and Beauty

Some Benefits Of Mayonnaise On Health and Beauty:

As a conditioner: During bath when you are done with shampoo, apply Mayonnaise on damp hair and leave it for an hour, then wash hair with shampoo again, you’ll simply find your so soft and silky, its application will yield you the same result as conditioner too. A plus point here is that Mayonnaise is a natural conditioner so need to worry about the chemical side-effects.

Skin impacted by Sun burn: A couple of time we are impacted by Sun burn,  just simple apply a thin layer of Mayonnaise and massage over the impacted portion. Leave it for 20 minutes then wash with regular water. It is recommended to use this tip daily until 100% result is achieved.

Facial mask: Mayonnaise is a nice facial mask, it even works better than expensive cosmetic products. Apply a thin layer of Mayonnaise on your face leave it to sit there for half an hour. Wash with regular water.

For dried and cracked heel: Simply apply it as a cream on your heels leave it there for 15 minutes and then wash it with luke warm water. Better to use it at night, leave whole night and in the morning wash it with luke warm water. Soft heels are waiting for you.

For the end of hair lice: If you have been a victim of hair lice, well, not anymore just apply a good amount of Mayonnaise on hair, massage gently, leave it over night. In the morning wash all that stuff with your favorite shampoo, then do comb. Repeat it a few days and you will have nice shinny free of lice hair.

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