Best Lab Coats for Doctors 2018 Reviews (Top 10)

Even Doctors and medical students want to look and they always want some quality lab coats to wear. In the choice of medical lab coats, one must always look for the ones with a delicate design and also the ones which are durable. If you are a medical student or a Doctor and you are looking for some good lab coats then we are here to help you. This article is about Best Lab Coats for 2018 which also includes best lab coats for female doctors as well. So let’s get started with our list.

10 Best Lab Coats For Doctors in 2018:

Below is our list of 10 best lab coats for male and female doctors for 2018:

best lab coat for doctors 2017

1. Dickies Unisex Lab Coat:

Just Like most of the lab coats, this coat also comes in white color and is designed for sophistication. You can get this coat in all the sizes including small, large, and extra-large. The stuff with which this coat is made includes cotton/polyester and it is blended with kick pleat. It has a chest pocket which enables you to keep your important notes and other paper stuff while in the lab. The company have been producing these lab coats for quite a long time and the expert there have a quite a good understanding of the best fabric. Their skills are being laid out beautiful when you wear this coat and it makes you look awesome. You can get this lab coat for less than $30 at most shops and these are the reasons why it made to #1 on our list. While you are ready to buy this product and you also want to make sure that you get the exact thing which is right according to the qualities mentioned in the article, you can use the link below for it.


2. Medline’s Women’s Full Lab Coat.

As I mentioned earlier that this list will contain coats for both male and female. Just like Unisex Lab Coat, this one is also composed of polyester and cotton. There are one front pocket and two lower pockets which make it very convenient for any doctor to use it. The button used on the coat are of quite good quality and on the both sides so you can adjust them for your comfort. We know that females even when they become doctors and they want the same look which comes from their other looks. That is why even when they look for the lab coats, they make to buy the one which makes them look beautiful. A product which fulfills all these definitions is this one which is amazing in quality, is very stylish, and it is also durable. There must be lots of shops which claim to deliver the same product but if you want to make sure of the quality, you need to make sure that you get it from the link given below. It available just for $15 on amazon so click the amazon link given below and buy it right now.


3. Cherokee’s Unisex Lab Coat.

Most of the coats are made with a blend of cotton and polyester and the reason behind which is that they can be easily washed in a washing machine. The pockets in this coat are double patches which ensure that you get the maximum safety of whatever you are keeping the pockets. Also, it features different things such as centered back vent to keep you away from heat and keep you cool. It comes in sizes from small to extra-large. The doctors have to work in the conditions of extreme heat and cold as well. But in none of these conditions can they get rid of these lab coats. This is one of the reasons why they should look for a product which is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. This one from Cherkee’s is definitely designed according to the weather needs of the doctors and in a good price. If you are looking for a good place where you can find the exact product, we have provided the link. The prices on the amazon are between 19-29 dollars for this coat which can be bought by clicking the amazon link given below.


4. Dickies Everyday Scrubs Men’s Lab Coat.

To make a good lab coat, you need a combination of Polyester and Cotton and so are the components of this coat. Doesn’t matter how much you get it dirty, you will still be able to wash and clean it due to the presence of this components. One chest pocket allows you to keep all the lab coats and other papers for the time of need. During their hours of duty, the doctors have to keep different things alongside them in their pockets and the pockets present in this lab coats are designed in a way so that maximum things could be stuffed. Also, the strength of the fabric makes sure that it would not tear a part and loses all the things. It is one of the lab coats which is designed for sophistication and according to different weather conditions. Definitely, you will need a market place whether online or offline, where you can get this product in good quality and we have provided you with that link. To purchase this product, you will need to go to the following amazing link where it is available for $19 to $26.


5. Cherokee’s Women’s Lab Coat.

Cherokee’s Women’s Lab Coat is also quite popular. It is made of the same components which are polyester and cotton from which the man’s coat is made. It has also the same features except that it is designed especially for women and they feel quite comfortable while wearing this specially designed lab coat. It has the same number of pockets like they are in the men’s coat from Cherokee’s. We know that females even when they become doctors and they want the same look which comes from their other looks. That is why even when they look for the lab coats, they make to buy the one which makes them look beautiful. A product which fulfills all these definitions is this one which is amazing in quality, is very stylish, and it is also durable. There must be lots of shops which claim to deliver the same product but if you want to make sure of the quality, you need to make sure that you get it from the link given below. You can buy this product from the amazon. Click the link below to go to amazon and get this coat for $19.31 to $29 and have a better lab experience.


6. Dickies Scrubs Women’s Junior Fit Sleeve Lab Coat.

Since all the companies go for the product with same components and quality for both male and female, Dickies did it too. The fabric of this coat is also designed with the fabric of cotton and polyester. A center back belt allows you to do the easy adjustment. The sleeves can be rolled down to make a full coat or rolled up to make a half-sleeve coat. This lab coat is suited especially for those young doctors who have a short stature and their physique is quite bulky so they don’t feel good while wearing the other ones since it is good for all sizes. Also, when you need to deal with different weather conditions, this coat is also suited for them as well. It is good stuff and can be wore at good occasions in the hospital. Also, it is available commonly on all online shops since it is common but you should get it from the place recommended by us.  This coat is available in all sizes for men and women. It can be bought for $25 to $32 from amazon and due to its quality, it is worth this money.


7. Grey’s Anatomy Fitted Frontline Lab Coat with Heartline.

As female doctors are mostly conscious about the coats they wear and how they like, I decided to add more of female lab coats in this list. The heart line pockets allow doctors to store more and more of their stuff during the clinic duty or lab practice. The back belt allows you to do the adjustment for more comfort. It is made with polyester and cotton just like most of the other coats. Even though this would be an expensive choice as compared to others, the doctors who don’t want to compromise on the quality will surely get it. It is designed beautifully which makes the doctors look good during the clinic hours and unlike other lab coats, it is not completely simple. The heart line on the coat makes a good design and if you are looking for something fancy, you could use this one for your clinic hours. The price of this coat ranges from $38 to $42. Buy it from the amazon by clicking the link below.


8. Cherokee’s Women’s Scrubs 36 Inch Lab Coat.

Cherokee is known for their amazing medical products and this one is one of them. It is also made of cotton and polyester which has now been made obvious. It can be washed easily and you can get rid of the spots. The double patched pocket allows you to keep even heavier things in your pockets and you won’t still lose them. One thing which may surprise you that even though it is rated on the number eighth by the experts, the users have been giving much better reviews about this coat online as compared to the other ones. These reviews when you read them, they are so convincing that you want to get this one for yourself as well. And, if you have decided to get it ladies, make sure that you get it from the right place. The coat is available in all sizes from small to large and even XL. The price ranges from 19 to 29 dollars which you can get from amazon.


9. Dickies Women’s 36 Inch Jr. Fit Lab Coat.

Women are choosy even if they are the doctors. Not all women like that traditional white color and some of them may want to wear black. Those women can go for this product which uses spandex, cotton, and polyester in its production and is even very stylish. It has a belt for comfort adjustment, a collar, and rear princess seams. It has patch pockets to keep more of your clinic stuff and notes. There are not many companies who make the black lab coats and when you look for these few products available in black, this one certainly seems to win an edge over others. Its design is a sophisticated one which does not look too fancy at all during the clinic hours and also brings the class of the black color. It should be made sure that it is being bought from the right place like the one we have provided you the link for. Also, you can get it in all the sizes from amazon so click the link below to get it for prices between 33 to 36 dollars.


10. KOI 419 Women’s Rebecca’s Lab Coat.

The last product on our list is KOI 419 Women’s Rebecca’s Lab Coat. With improved tailored fit, it maintains a nice design where button is less and yet very well maintained. This lab coat is also composed of the same components just like the previous products mentioned and this one also comes with a nice designed collar. Some of the reasons due to which the experts and users don’t rate it higher is the expensive price of the product even when it has some really standard quality and can be a good option. Well, the rich doctors would definitely buy this and add it to their collection of lab coats. It has enough double patches pockets to keep your notes and other stuff while you in the lab and is durable for a long time. It is available for $41-$43 on amazon so click the link below to buy it.


Final Words.

So, this was our list of best lab coats for men and women 2018. If you liked this post then don’t forget to leave us your feedback. Keep visiting our website for medical products and their top ten reviews.

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