Cancer: A Brief History

In modern definition, Cancer can be described as a disease in which abnormal cells of the body start growing very faster and spreads in the tissues.

cancer history

It is one of the leading diseases that lead to painful death and with the most less chances of being cured. According to the study about half of men face cancer in their life time and one third of women.

Evidences from old writings:

The writing that have been found from the history clearly show that cancer even existed centuries ago. It was evident in the writings that no treatment was present at that time. Tumors have been found on the mummies from ancient egypt which provide a clear evidence that cancer existed as a dangerous and incurable disease.

The credit of giving name to this disease goes to a Greek scientist Hippocrates (370-460 BC), who gave the name carcinoma to the ulcer forming tumors. It was later translated into cancer by Roman scientist Celsus, between (28-50 BC), which means crab in latin.

Cancer before 21st century:

During 15th century, Scientists like Newton and Galileo brought revolution in the field of science. Science now had better understanding of human diseases. The work of Giovanni in 1761 on autopsies which was such an remarkable work that it has now become the routine.

However, A Scottish scientist John Hunter (1728-1793 Bc), did some work on the treatment for the first time. He said that if the infected tumor has not moved on to the tissues and is removable, there is no worries in removing it.

With the invention of microscope by 19th century it became more easier to study the bacteria and finally here we are on the present situation of what we have in the field of Oncology, the study of Cancer.

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