Difference Between Nephrotic Syndrome And Nephritic Syndrome

difference between nephrotic syndrome and nephritic syndrome

Previously, we have done a lot of these difference between posts but they were quite lighter ones and those topic were not very confusing. Today, we are going to differentiate between two syndromes in which the students get confused the most since the differences are closely related. In this article, I will try my best to differentiate them in a way that you won’t get confused anymore and will be very clear on the concepts. We will start with a

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Gastric VS Duodenal Ulcers- Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

gastric vs duedenal ulcers

Ulcers are believed to be one of the most bothering diseases to happen. That is due to the problems they cause and it takes a long term for their treatment and of course a lot of money too. Ulcers have many types. Some of them are severe while some of them are easy to leave. As our title suggests that we should talk on two of the main types of Ulcers which are Gastric (Gastric) and Duodenal Ulcers. Definitely we

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Humoral VS Cell Mediated Immunity- Similarities And Differences

humoral vs cell mediated immunity

Before, we move to our main title which the difference between two major types of Immunity Humoral and Cell Mediated, we need to have a general concept of Immunity. Immunity is the ability of a body against the diseases. A person with greater immunity will resist diseases better than a person who has a weaker immunity. Strength of immunity depends upon many factors but today we are not here for that. What we are going to here is to differentiate

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