How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

When camera man says ‘smile’ but you are too embarrassed to do it because you have yellow or black teeth. Almost 20% of the people feel hesitant and conceal their teeth because of their bad color. Do you brush your teeth daily but still you have yellow teeth that make you feel embarrassed among other people? It is time to learn how to get rid of this problem. Brush after Eating or Drinking. When we eat the thing get stuck

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Ebola spreads when it lingers in Semen

Title of this article might surprise you. Recent studies have shown that two out of three men have kept Ebola within their semen even after getting rid of infection. Well then if Ebola really linger in our sperm then it is very obvious that it would easily spread when we make love with our partner. Since its discovery, sexual spread of Ebola has left people, especially men really concerned about their life. It’s obvious that women would prefer not having their

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