Classification of Cancer and their Causes

Cancer is produced in different parts of the body. On basis of body parts where cancer is produced, we classify cancer. Major body parts in which cancer appears more often are Lungs, Mouth, Stomach and Blood. Let’s have a brief look on the type of cancer in the areas mentioned and their causes.

classification of cancer

Lung Cancer and Its cause:

Lung cancer is the most dangerous one. It is the leading cancer that causes most number of deaths. Smoking is the main cause for this cancer nourish. Even if you are non-smoker but are exposed to tobacco’s smoke more often while sitting in friends, you have more chances of having lung cancer than they have.

causes of lung cancer

Mouth Cancer and Its cause:

In mouth cancer, a tumor or a sore that remains like forever unless treated. Again smoking is the leading cause of having mouth cancer. Being alcoholic can also cause mouth cancer. It may also happen if you have a family history of it.

causes of mouth cancer

Stomach Cancer and Its cause:

Stomach cancer is the one which happens not very often but still very dangerous. Scientists are yet not sure on things that cause this cancer but they have listed many causes that may lead to it. They include smoking, being heavy weighed, working in coal mines or in rubber industries.

causes of stomach secrets

Blood Cancer and Its cause:

This is the second most feared type of cancer after Lung cancer since it lessen the production of blood cells in your body. This might surprise you but using hair dyes is one of the causes of blood cancer. It can also be caused by artificial ionizing radiation due to which people working in a lab or such places have more chances of having it.

causes of blood cancer

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