Difference Between Nephrotic Syndrome And Nephritic Syndrome

Previously, we have done a lot of these difference between posts but they were quite lighter ones and those topic were not very confusing. Today, we are going to differentiate between two syndromes in which the students get confused the most since the differences are closely related. In this article, I will try my best to differentiate them in a way that you won’t get confused anymore and will be very clear on the concepts. We will start with a basic different which you should always remember and then move on the features to differentiate between the two and then finally, I will explain these features making you understand the things even better. So without any further do let us now move to differentiate between nephrotic and nephritic syndrome.

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Nephrotic Syndrome VS Nephritic Syndrome:

difference between nephrotic syndrome and nephritic syndrome

Nephritic Syndrome:

In this type of syndrome, there is a loss of a lot of blood and this is the most basic characterization of the syndrome. It contains different signs or indications of the nephritis which a diseases of the kidneys. Before we talk about anything further about this syndrome, read below the features of nephritic syndrome. So, in nephritic syndrome, you are going to face following things.

  1. Hematuria.
  2. Oliguria.
  3. Azotemia.
  4. Hypertension.

In nephritic syndrome, there is some proteinuria and edema, but it’s not nearly as severe as in nephrotic syndrome. The thing with nephritic syndrome is that the lesions causing it all have increased cellularity within the glomeruli, accompanied by a leukocytic infiltrate (hence the suffix -itic). The inflammation injures capillary walls, permitting escape of red cells into urine. Hemodynamic changes cause a decreased glomerular filtration rate (manifested clinically as oliguria and azotemia). The hypertension seen in nephritic syndrome is probably a result of fluid retention and increased renin released from ischemic kidneys. And, this was pretty much about nephritic syndrome. Let us now move on to the next one.

Nephrotic Syndrome:

As I have already told you that there is a lot of loss of blood in the nephritic syndrome while in nephrotic syndrome, there is loss of proteins and this is the most basic difference between the two. Just like nephritic syndrome, this one also has following features.

  1. Massive proteinuria.
  2. Hypoalbuminemia.
  3. Edema.
  4. Hyperlipidemia/hyperlipiduria.

The thing to remember for this one is massive proteinuria. You might do this by remembering that nephrotic and protein both have an “o” in them. The massive proteinuria in these patients leads to hypoalbuminemia (they are peeing out albumin!), which results in edema (the oncotic pressure in the blood goes down, and fluid leaks out of the vasculature into the surrounding tissue).

So, this is everything you need to know the difference between nephritic and nephrotic syndrome. If you have any question related to the topic, you may very well ask. Keep visiting Medics Center for more medical stuff.

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