Ebola spreads when it lingers in Semen

Title of this article might surprise you. Recent studies have shown that two out of three men have kept Ebola within their semen even after getting rid of infection. Well then if Ebola really linger in our sperm then it is very obvious that it would easily spread when we make love with our partner.

Ebola spreads when it lingers in Semen

Since its discovery, sexual spread of Ebola has left people, especially men really concerned about their life. It’s obvious that women would prefer not having their needs fulfilled than to get attacked by this peril.

What would a man do then? Doctors have emphasized wearing condoms as one of the precautions. It could stay there for more than nine months so you’ll have to be very patient.

Research have also stated that most men don’t need to worry because they have mentioned it as a rare problem. Means that every men who had Ebola might not necessarily have it. Well this should bring some satisfaction on ears but still if you had a history with it and even if you are cured then you should check up for the possible danger.

Doctors say that they would have seen more cases if it had mostly spread through sex. It might also spread through body fluid when patients are on severe stages.

The problem is that when it lingers in the semen of a person, it doesn’t show any symptoms that’s why most people wouldn’t in case they have it. According to WHO, if in a country there is not a single case registered in 42 days then people can feel free since Ebola is no longer the part of your surroundings.

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