Fat burning secrets

Body Fat

Yeah its correct. Weight of your body is not important. Your body should have normal percentage of fats. Human body is composed of bones and muscles etc and this makes our lean body mass. Our body also contains fats which is also a very important factor of our body. Percentage of total mass which is pure fat of your body is called body fat percentage.

Most people who want to burn fat usually do weight loss exercises which is wrong because weight is not a problem to solve the problem is excess amount of fats in our body. They should realise that the compostion of our body is also very important.

fat burning secrets

The fat percentage of our body is a good indicator of our health. Lets take an example if a person has 70kg weight and he is 168cm tall the percentage of pure fat in his body is 33% so it means he have access amount of fat in his body so it is not good for him. Because comparing to his lean mass he has more fat.

You have to focus on fat percentage rather than the weight of your body. Because of the reason that muscles have more weight than fat and when you build more lean mass you will see the result on the scale it is good because you will see that your fat percentage is going down and lean mass percentage is going up. The muscles of your body weight more.

Suppose take the example of a body builder who’s weight is 115kg and height is 193cm the BMI will say its not good because of the reason that his weight is more but this is wrong because its his muscles not fat so he is healthier because he has normal fat percentage.

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