Femoral Artery location, Pulse Cut, and Pain

Human body has many arteries and studying deeply about each of them is very important for a medical sciences student. A good surgeon has a very good insight of all these and he will study more to become a better doctor. Today, the artery I have chosen to tell you about is the Femoral Artery. We will discuss the location, cut, pulse and pain of the this artery since all this is related to the anatomy. We will start from the definition and then move on the rest of things mentioned in the title. So, let’s get going.

Femoral Artery Definition:

Thigh is the part of the body where it exists. This artery is the main supply artery for the lower limb. Main function of this artery is to provide the oxygenated blood to the tissues present in our legs. Deep tissues that exist in the femoral artery constituents the region where they exist. Largest femoral artery or the most common artery exists in the femoral region of the human body.

femoral artery location, course, pain and cut

Femoral Artery Pronunciation:

Pronouncing femoral artery is not a complex thing. We can understanding it separately like FEMO and then RAL. FEMO gives a rhyme like MEMO and RAL is the simple sound.

Femoral Artery location:

As I have already said that this is the main supply artery for the lower limb. Inguinal Ligament is the place from where this breaches the thigh. It serves as an extension of the external iliac artery. It can also be described as the division between the leg and the pelvis muscle. If we talk medially, then in the upper part, it has a relation with the femoral vein. Hip joint is the place where it is separated, when it is alongside psoas. So this was a little insight on the location of the femoral artery.

Femoral Artery Pulse:

For the examination of this artery through the skin, it can be utilized as catheter access artery. The needle is present inside it. Its direction can be taken against the flow of the blood due to the diagnosis measures such as diagnosis from the opposite leg or the heart. Pulse of the femoral artery can also be examined from the inner thigh. This is where the mid-inguinal point lies and also between anterior iliac spine.

Femoral Artery cut and pain:

Another thing that a student studying this artery should keep in mind is its cut and pain. That’s because this is a very serious thing. If people get a cut in their femoral artery then the pain it causes is very severe and they are likely to die in 2 minutes. Timespan is too short for this and there is very less which a doctor can do about it. Though, it also depends how did it get cut? For instance, if the cut wasn’t a dangerous ones then a doctor would have more time to save the patient.

This was some basic information on femoral artery and some basic terms related to it. In future, we will you give you an expansion of the topic which will help in the better understanding of the topic. Leave your feedback and queries in the comments section because that’s important for us. Till then, stay tuned to Medicals stuff for more.

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