Gastric VS Duodenal Ulcers- Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Ulcers are believed to be one of the most bothering diseases to happen. That is due to the problems they cause and it takes a long term for their treatment and of course a lot of money too. Ulcers have many types. Some of them are severe while some of them are easy to leave. As our title suggests that we should talk on two of the main types of Ulcers which are Gastric (Gastric) and Duodenal Ulcers. Definitely we will give you a detailed study of both of the types.  It is very important that students have a good understanding of Ulcers and that is where I will start. This was a brief account on what are we going to achieve and now we can start with the study of Ulcers and then later have a comparison of the two types which is Gastric VS Duodenal Ulcers.

What is Ulcer:

You can find a good number of definitions on the internet for defining Ulcer. There are medical definitions as well as how the common people define. Being a medical student you need to have a good medical understanding of its definition. That’s why for you I have chosen a good medical definition that you really open up your mind on the topic. So, Ulcer can be defined as below.

“It is a break or discontinuity or brokenness in any organ which stops it from performing its normal function. Our organs are always performing normal functions but sometimes some irregularity in them stops them from doing it. These irregularities are mostly Ulcers”.

Now you know that what is Ulcer. That definition would be enough for us to move on to the further types of Ulcers. But before types, it is also important that we should learn about the causes of Ulcers.


Well even till today when the science is so advanced, there aren’t any specific causes being found for Ulcers. Some say that these are caused by the daily stress that humans face in their lives. Some believes that is because of the unhygienic food and water we intake. It was also believed that Ulcers are caused by the unhealthy or unmannered life style. The quality of food is also suggested as a big factor stated for the production of Ulcers in the stomach. Most scientists have mainly debated on the point that Ulcers are caused by the daily stress that people have from work and stuff. Well at least we know that which living organism is the cause for that. It is Helicobacter Pylori or H Pylori, a microorganism that is responsible for the production of Ulcers in the body.

We think that the medications we take are our friends. In case of any pain, we are happy to take pain killers. Then to treat some other normal problem happening every day such as stomachache,      depression, we take different medicine. What if I told you that these medicine are one of the major causes for the production of the Ulcers? Though these medication work rapidly to give us relief from the pain but then cause major irregularities in the organs. They press down the pain and other problem while greatly affecting the organ at the same time. Good doctors recommend that we shouldn’t take medicines in case of small problem. These problem do leave within a short term but if we take medicines, then they can cause problems like ulcers. You can go for natural stuff such as food but never ever go near these instant medicines.

Gastric Ulcers:

Ulcers mostly appear in stomach and its parts due to the food and other habits we have. Chain smoking and taking other drugs disturbs the digestive system of our body. Also, not taking food at the time recommended and eating in an improper way may also cause ulcers in the body. Now there are two types of Ulcers we are discussing. These are Gastric and Duodenal ulcers. Both these types of ulcers exist in the stomach and are combine called Peptic Ulcers. One of the main objective of this topic is to differentiate between the two of these. 1st of these two types is the Gastric Ulcer, about which we are going to tell you here. As I have already mentioned that both these ulcers exist in the stomach are called Peptic ulcers. Read full account of Gastric Ulcers below in the next paragraph.

A Peptic Ulcer that occurs in stomach is an open thing. It could happen in the small intestine or other parts of the stomach as esophagus etc. While one of the two ulcers that is Gastric ulcer, it exists mainly in the stomach is called Gastric Ulcer. Due to the food we eat such as all the fast food and others, it is likely that most of us will get them. They can also occur in our body if we have an unhealthy routine or the food is unhygienic. Eating at a proper time is recommended for the good working of digestive system. Otherwise, there are good chances that you will likely get this kind of ulcer. Also, it is important that you stay relieved and happy because stress is also an enemy here. Stress is known to cause more cases of ulcers than any other factor.

Where do Peptic ulcers occur?

This is a common question asked by the students as well as the common people. The stomach and other areas around it are the major territories where the peptic ulcers occur. Now where will they specifically occur? This is a question that can be answered depending upon the type of ulcer. I have already said that Peptic ulcer has two sub-types depending upon the location. The Gastric Ulcers occur mainly in the stomach. The other type is called duodenal ulcer. This types of ulcer is known to occur around or on the small intestine. This area where the duodenal ulcer is called duodenum and the ulcer which occurs on it is called duodenal ulcer. The name of types is derived from the location of its occurrence which seems very obvious. A detailed account on duodenal ulcers is coming ahead so keep reading the post for more info.

gastric ulcer location

Duodenal Ulcers:

This is a 2nd type of the peptic ulcers. These are named due to location on which they occur. Upper area of small intestine which is called duodenum is the origin of their existence. Work duodenal is derived from the duodenum which is the place of existence of this type of ulcers. Reasons for the occurrence are quite the same as in the others. Improper way of eating, taking drugs such as smoking and others, and also unhygienic food will cause this problem. They are considered to be more dangerous as compared to gastric ulcers. That is due to the reason that they appear on the upper area of small intestine. At this place, it is difficult to control the production of such things. But they can definitely be treated with proper medications. However, they are likely to get more time to heal than the others.

The major cause for the formation of Duodenal Ulcer is the bacteria known as Helicobacter Pylori A.K.A H Pylori. This bacteria causes contamination in the body and due to which the duodenal ulcer takes birth. It could take a good time of 4 to 8 weeks for this ulcer to heal if we use corrosive solutions. This time can be reduced if we use some high quality anti-infections. Though they might be expensive, but they can remove these ulcers within a week from the human body. On the recommendations of a good doctors, use these anti-infections and get rid of H Pylori within a week or so. If you are facing joint pain and then ulcers appear then take some proper medications for joint pain. In many cases, joint pain is the reason for ulcers so if you treat it, the ulcers will also disappear likely.

duedenal ulcer location

Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers: A Comparison (Causes and Symptoms):

Due to the many reasons, it could be said that reasons given for these ulcers are true. Stress and food issues can cause these ulcers in our body but they are not the main problem. Research shown that the people who have very bad and improper life style didn’t get them their while life. They even had a lot of stress but there were no signs of ulcers in these people. Finally, scientists agreed on the name of a bacteria Helicobacter Pylori and it was held responsible for all this. It was this bacteria H Pylori that was caused all the trouble in the stomach and creating ulcers.  Those people who have this bacteria in their blood are seen with ulcers more often. This if not whole, then almost rejected the idea of bad food and stress causing the problem.

Following is an account on the different symptoms that are known to appear when people have these ulcers in their stomach.

Gastric VS Duodenal Ulcers


There are a lot of symptoms known from the experience of patients. Some of these symptoms include normal problems which even occur during normal stomach diseases. They can be further differentiated whether they are normal or for ulcers after the examination from a doctor. One of the major symptoms people face when they ulcers is the sickness. Patients start facing fatigue and their body starts aching. Blazing or biting is another of the major symptoms that people face they have these ulcers. It creates a horrible scenario and no one should waste time and visit a doctor as soon as possible. Vomiting is also known to occur when people have ulcers in their stomach. All of these are the major symptoms that people face when they more likely have ulcers in their body. Go to the doctor for confirmation checkup if you ever face such symptoms.

Testing and Treatment:

If you are facing the symptoms mentioned above then maybe it is the time you need treatment. Nowadays doctors, when patients come to them with these symptoms, they at once start looking for H Pylori. Because they know that this is the evil behind the problem. The detection that doctors make is through the dissection of patient’s breath, blood or stool. After the bacteria has been detected, the doctor goes for the treatment options. These options depend upon the strength of your pocket and severity of disease. If the matter is complex then a doctor would most likely recommend expensive anti-infections and a lot of care. In case of less severity, he will give you normal medicines which will take off these ulcers within a matter of weeks. Then there are many other factors that you can know by going to a doctor.

Difference between Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer:

Though I have explained the difference between these two in the paragraphs above. But, it is also important to write a separate account since this is our main objective. As you know from the above information that both of these are the types of Peptic Ulcers. These Ulcers occur in the stomach and the areas of it. The difference arrives due to the location of both of these types of ulcers. Gastric ulcers are the once which reside in the stomach mainly and are the food reason is the main for it. H Pylori is not mostly the major cause of it. Duodenal ulcer is the once which appears on the upper area of small intestine called duodenum. That’s why this kind of ulcer is called duodenal ulcer due to its location. This is the major difference between both these types of Peptic Ulcers.

Final Words.

Now I guess being a medical student, you have a very good idea of the ulcers, and its causes. You also have a good idea of the Peptic ulcers and two of its main types that are gastric and duodenal ulcers. If you have any confusion related to the topic then feel free to ask. Also, leave us your feedback in the comments section so we can work on improvements in our site. Keep visiting Medical Stuff for more knowledge from field of medical sciences.

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