Gum Infection

This disease is a bacterial infection of gum tissues. This infection is a very serious condition it starts as gingivitis and become periodontitis. It is one of the most common disease on the face of the earth. British Dental Health Foundation says that 9 out of 10 people suffer from this infection. In a normal checkup dental will just remove the plaque and will tarter from below and above of gumline of your teeths. If your teeths contains symptoms of gingivitis, the dentist will tell you to come again to clean your teeth from the plaque and you must have to visit the dentist twice a year. And will recommend you to use toothpaste which is approved by the FDA to fight gingivitis.

For the treatment of gum infection the patient is numbed and the gum is cleaned and also drained with the help of pus. In the remaining pocket an antibiotic chip is placed and prescription of Tetracycline 500mg is given to the patient for a week to take. But this is a painful treatment the gums swells because of it and the opposing teeth starts to bit in the swolled gums. In several condition with Peritonitis, the patient is given Keflex 500 mg for four to eight days and the tooth is removed from the gum.

Gum Infection

You can prevent gum disease by flossing between the teeths and by removing the plaque from your teeths regularly. You can also save yourself from this disease by avoiding tobacco and smoking because tobacco and smoking cause plaque in the gums and which ultimately leads to gum infection. Don’t take soft drinks in much quantity because it is also a cause of plaque. By regular flossing you will be able to remove the foods particles which are sticked to your tooth.


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