Herbs: A Shield against Cancer

Today’s advanced medical techniques are have their own importance in treating cancer. But since we have studied that some of the techniques such as radiation and chemotherapy produce severe side effects and are also very expensive people think a lot before going for them.

If you haven’t got enough money to have them, don’t worry because nature has a lot of hope for you. There is a wide variety of herbs that are very significant in treating cancer. Some of them are.

Larrea Mexicana:

This herb is one of the leading herb to stop cancer since it known for the development of better immune system and significantly decreases the size of the tumor. It is a major ingredient in dealing breast cancer and also has anti-microbial and anti-oxidant qualities.

Larrea Mexicana for cancer

Skull Cap:

Also known as Scuttelaria Barbate is a very important agent in the treatment of stomach, intestines and lungs.

skull cap for cancer

Milk Thistle:

If you are going through chemotherapy then have some milk thistle. For centuries it is known as a very good herb for lungs and now can also be used while treating cancer via chemotherapy. It provide body from several side effects during the treatment of Blood cancers e.g. Leukaemia.

milk thistle for cancer


Known for its immune booster abilities, Echinacea has been used to treat cold and now also very good agent for tumor in brain.

echinacea for cancer

Red Clover:

Another very significant in treating cancers such as oestrogen-driven cancers and breast cancer.

red clover

Fever Few:

When scientists found out that this herb had enormous ability to fight leukaemia cells, they were none but very astonished. It is also an important ingredient in treating some other cancers such as lung and stomach cancer.

fever few for cancer

Hope what you learnt here would prove useful in fighting your cancer. Stay tuned for more on this site!

Hi, This is Hamza Khan from Peshawar, Pakistan. I am a 2nd prof MBBS Student at Bannu Medical College and a hobby Blogger. The Purpose of this site is to share my knowledge and Guide new Medical Students.