How does insulin works in the body? (Type 1 and 2 Diabetes)

Our body needs a wide variety of proteins and carbohydrates to keep the energy level high in order to remain health. We get them by eating different food as our daily meal. Our cells need sugar to energize the body. However cells cannot make direct contact with the sugar. In such situation when the sugar level rises in your body, cells in pancreas call Insulin in the blood stream. Insulin then signal the cells to consume sugar to give energy to the body.

Introduction on Insulin:

Sometimes it happens that some people have more amount of sugar than average. Insulin, in that case, stores the sugar in the liver and utilizes when sugar level goes low. If your body is not able to make the required amount of Insulin, then it could produce hyperglycemia, which can cause long-term elevated sugar problems. Insulin is one of the most important components of human body. People who don’t produce enough amount of insulin in their body then face the problem of Diabetes or by some also called Sugar problem. There are a lot of reasons known that may cause this problem. Some people think that this is caused by the consumption of sweet product in more quantity which is a little bit true. But that is not all. One of the major causes for diabetes is the hyper-tension and stress that people face in daily life. This lessens the production of Insulin in the body and thus, causing the diabetes problem. It is important that you involve in activities so that you can release your stress otherwise you can be a victim of their life clinching disease.

To learn the detailed mechanism of how does Insulin works in the body? You will come to know about the different causes of diabetes to occur. Also, I will give you a good account on the treatment of this problem. Make sure that you read the complete post so that you can understand all important things about it. Major types of Diabetes which are type 1 and type 2 are also discussed in this post with great detail. You will read their definitions, causes and also, treatment options that you can use to go for the treatment of these types of diabetes. Read this post till the end and you would know everything from A to Z about insulin and some common questions asked about insulin.

how does insulin works in body


What is Insulin?

Insulin is one of the major body components. In Pancreas lies the area, where this thing is produced. You will come to know some amazing facts about Insulin which you probably didn’t know before. So, let’s keep reading and know that what is insulin and what does it do?

Insulin is a major body component produced in the pancreas. It performs many functions. Below are some of the major functions of the insulin that are explained briefly in this post since we have got to explain many things and are words are limited. So read the following functions that insulin performs in the human body.

In human body, main function of the insulin is to use the sugar that we take from different food we eat in the form of carbohydrates. Carbs are known for good amount of sugar and Insulin is responsible for the utilization of this sugar in the human body.

Major function of the insulin is not only to utilize that sugar but also, keeping the balance between the levels of sugar in the human body. For instance, it doesn’t allow the sugar levels to go too high and then at the same time it stops it from going too low. This balance is necessary to save the human body from diabetes which will be discussed later.

There are a lot of cells in our body. These cells for their nutrition require a good amount of sugar or glucose. These are the components that we get from our daily diet. But the main problem is, that this sugar that we obtain can’t always go directly into these cells. So we need a medium that work particularly on this job and Insulin is the one that performs this most important job. This tell us how important is insulin.

Now since we know that what are the major functions that Insulin performs, we also need to research that how does insulin produce in the body and how does it work in the body? For this, you are going to read some good research in the good heading in the easiest of words.

How does Insulin work in the body?

This is the one of the most asked question by the medical students and it should be answered neatly. You will come to know about the complete working of Insulin in the body, so read it carefully and understand it.

Working of insulin in the body is a simple natural process. When we eat food, it enters our stomach in the small and large intestine for digestion. After digestion, it is then utilized by the body to provide the energy to the body. Now, the insulin which is produced in pancreas has got only one job to do. And that is do search out for any food such as carbohydrates that might have brought sugar containing elements in the body. If there is sugar or glucose in the food you have eaten, insulin will detect it and then utilize it for the betterment of your body.

Insulin not only utilizes this sugar present in our food but it also keeps the balance between the sugar levels. It doesn’t allow sugar to go high and or too low and this balance keeps the body healthy. This is the one of the main objectives to understand because this leads to the study of diabetes. When our body stops producing enough insulin to keep the sugar levels in balance, then there comes a time when our body becomes a victim of diabetes which is a disease of imbalance sugar levels in the body.

A cure for Diabetes:

People who are suffering from type 1 diabetes cannot form the Insulin of their own due to destroyed beta cells in their pancreas. Insulin is injected in them via injections to produce glucose and avoid hyperglycemia. Make sure that the type of Insulin you take for the diabetes is prescribed by doctor and you don’t take it yourself because only a doctor can know the severity of disease. He will look upon your disease and then prescribe the type of insulin you need. There are generally two types of Insulin that are given by the doctors which are explained in good detail below.

People suffering from type 2 diabetes are resistant to Insulin. They still need Insulin injections to protect from this disease. Another way to cure type 2 diabetes is through oral medication and via food and exercise.

Types of Insulin used to cure diabetes include:

Rapid-acting Insulin:

After injection, this Insulin takes about 15-20 minutes to start working and lasts till two-four hours. It is usually taken before meal. Its maximum work time is up to 2 hours and after that it will stop working. Never forget that you should use any kind of Insulin only after it is recommended by the doctor.

Long-acting Insulin:

It starts working quite a long time after injection and last still 24 hours and could be used with rapid or short-acting Insulin. This is mainly prescribed by the doctors due to its long lasting actions. Though it might be expensive but it gives relieve for a longer time period.

These are given by means of an injection or any other such device such as insulin pump etc. Diabetes is not very easy to handle and to understand it, you need study about the diabetes and its main types. Keep reading below to know.

Types of Diabetes:

Diabetes is a disease in which the functions and production of the insulin stops. In general, we can describe diabetes as a disease in which our body stops producing insulin. And when it produces a little, it is unable to utilize it for the betterment of your body. Based on these two assumptions which are no production or no utilization, diabetes is divided into two types. First one is Type 1 Diabetes and second one is Type 2 Diabetes. Below are some detailed accounts on both types of diabetes for your convenience.

Type 1 Diabetes:

In the first type of Diabetes, human body is completely disabled to produce insulin. That is because of the complete destruction of pancreatic or beta cells in the body. When the Insulin won’t produce, it would mean that our body won’t be able to utilize sugar or glucose from the food. In the absence of these components are body would grow weaker each day and this finally results in death. No insulin means the highly imbalance sugar levels in the human body. This can result in very severe body problems since the body is no longer producing insulin and is usable to produce energy.

Treatment options:

There are many treatment options for the cure of type 1 diabetes. One of the major ones is already mentioned above. That is through the injection of insulin in the body through injections and insulin pumps. When the insulin is injected, this start utilizing the sugar present in the food and also keeps the sugar levels in balance. That is why these injections are taken after the meal so that they would start working on utilizing the energy from the food.

Though this is quite an expensive procedure but still very suitable one. It is better that you take long acting injections so that they work for longer and keep your sugar levels in balance. But first, it is very necessary that you stay concerned with your doctor and once the treatment is being start and you have a good experience of it, then you do something on your own. Doing this will help greatly in the fight against diabetes. Also make sure that you do regular exercises at home so that the cells could be protected from damage. Taking preventive steps before the problem is always better. Once the problem has occurred then we go for the drugs and other treatment options.

Type 2 Diabetes:

This is the 2nd type of diabetes. In this 1st type, the body completely stops producing any insulin so nothing matters. But in this 2nd type, the body does produce insulin but this time, it is unable to utilize this insulin. For instance, the insulin will produce but it will be unable to use the sugar from the food we eat. So it will also be unable to keep the sugar levels balanced in our body. Major difference between these two type of insulin is that the pancreatic or beta cells are not dead completely in the type 2. This means that they are doing their work and the insulin is being produced in the body but the body further is unable to use this insulin.

Treatment Options:

Treatments options for the type 2 diabetes are not mainly drugs. This problem can be treated rather easily at home with the help of good food and also good exercise. There are a lot of exercises that are available on internet where you can see how to do different steps for the cure of type 2 diabetes. Drugs are the least of options in this type of diabetes. If you are not active enough to take care of your diet or you are lazy enough so that you can’t do daily exercise, then you can use drugs for the treatment of diabetes type 2. But is always better that you learn about some good diet and exercises that you can come over with this problem.

Final Words:

So, this was all from our article on Insulin, insulin as a cure for diabetes and 2 different types of diabetes. I really hope that this article helped you. If you have any queries related to the topic then feel free to ask in the comments section. Also, leave your feedback in the comments section which helps us improve our website. Till then, stay tuned to Medical stuff for more!

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