Humoral VS Cell Mediated Immunity- Similarities And Differences

Before, we move to our main title which the difference between two major types of Immunity Humoral and Cell Mediated, we need to have a general concept of Immunity. Immunity is the ability of a body against the diseases. A person with greater immunity will resist diseases better than a person who has a weaker immunity. Strength of immunity depends upon many factors but today we are not here for that. What we are going to here is to differentiate between the two types of immunity which are Humoral and Cell Mediated. Let’s have a comparison and find the difference between Humoral and Cell Mediated Immunity.

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Major difference between Humoral and Cell Mediated Immunity:

We will have an account on both of the types of immunity which will take us to the conclusions at the end of the major difference between the two. So, let’s get started.

humoral vs cell mediated immunity

1. Humoral Immunity:

This is the type of immunity that is concerned with the substance that are generally found in the body fluids or in the humours. This can also be described as a type behind which macro molecules are the mediation medium. These macromolecules are found mainly in the fluids such as antimicrobial peptides and antibodies etc. Reading about the different components tells us the different characteristics of this type of immunity cells and then reading about the other type will help us differentiate between the two. In this group of immunity, antigens play the key role which are inclined to move freely in the while human body. These are studies depending upon how the antigens are responding at the moment. This type has the function of providing resistance against the very dangerous elements such as viruses, foreign cells and molecules.

2. Cell Mediated Immunity:

Humoral involves the response of antibodies while in the case of this type of immunity that is cell mediated immunity, there is no response provided by the antibodies. The protective function for this type of immunity can be generally found in the cells that’s why this is the focus of main study of scientists while studying immunity. Unlike the above type of immunity, this type deals with the cells instead of the antigens. This type depends upon the behavior of the cells while in the first form, everything depends upon the antigens. In these cells, MHC protein is the apparent component which is the circle of whole attention. T cells are mostly present in this type and they are inclined to response to any cell, where these is an indication of the MHC proteins.

We can summarize this as the main difference between the Humoral and Cell mediated are the presence and absence of antigens and cells. In the 1st type antigens are present while in the 2nd type cells are the center of attention where MHC proteins are present. In this way, we are easily able to differentiate between the two types of immunity.

In future, we will update you with more useful information on the topic. You can leave us your feedback in the comments section and also ask any question below but they should be related to the topic. Till then, stay tune to Medical stuff for more knowledge on the field of medical sciences.

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