Learn How to Treat Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is top dangerous type of cancer which is responsible for the most number of deaths ever caused by this precarious disease.

Treatment of lung cancer takes a lot of time, hard work and thinking. Unlike other cancers, lung cancer requires a team of doctors to make a treatment plan just for one patient. They go through different aspects such as symptoms and causes to decide the treatment plan.

how to treat lung cancer

Let’s have a look on some of the treatment option which doctors usually choose to treat this hazardous disease.


Before moving towards more tricky options, go to an oncologist to try to treat it with the help of surgery. Removing a complete lung is carried out in the surgery known as Lobectomy is said to be more efficacious, doesn’t matter even if tumor is not very big.

surgery to remove lung cancer

Surgeon might also remove the portion of lung when it is not possible to remove the entire lung. This type of surgery is known as Segmentectomy.

Radiation therapy:

After doing successful surgery, it is important to take some steps to stop the cancer from reoccurring. For this purpose radiation therapy is used. It burns the unhealthy cancer cells but the problem is that it has various side effects. Hair fall, tiredness and no libido are those side effects which makes it infamous among people.


A treatment in which cancer cells are destroyed with the help of drugs making it less vulnerable such as radiation therapy. This is a safe step to take after surgery but of course it doesn’t work as great as radiation therapy in perishing cancer cells. Alimta, Taxol, Gemzar, and Navelbine are some of the drugs that are used in chemotherapy.


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