Learn to how to fight the growing Age

Humans especially women are very sensitive about their age and looks. They always want to look beautiful and young but it is not forever possible due to growing age. We cannot stop time but we can do certain things which can stop the horrible effects of age to appear on our face for quite an acceptable time. Following precaution will help you lower the signs of age and keep you beautiful for a long time.

Stay away from Polluted environment:

Environmental factors such as air pollution and chemicals we take edibles are a basic factor of the rapid growth of age. Smoke coming out of vehicles and machines contains dangerous which gives much damage as our skin makes contact with them.

Think before you eat:

Food made in factories which is processed by the addition of chemicals and preservatives takes out all of the nutrition from them. It seems like that we really like to look old before our age that’s why we don’t think before eating such food and we look old before we are meant because that our body requires a lot of time to flush those chemicals out of our body. As we grow older our body becomes more vulnerable to free radical damage. In such case make you eat nutritious and healthy food which would really help you beat the clock.

fight the growing age

Lavender ‘The Magical’ Oil:

Cosmetics play an important role in keeping human life at balance. Lavender oil is one of those magical cosmetics with refreshing and calming qualities that serves as a great soldier on in beating the age. It hydrates your skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and soothes sun burn when a mixture of coconut oil and lavender oil is used as a moisturizer.
lavender the magical oil

And in this way you can stay young and beautiful throughout the years.

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