How long do Bed Bug Bites last?

In summers, bed bugs are very common and the bite they gave you can be very itchy. It would leave red spots on our face and every other part where it has bitten. I, personally hate summers and one of the reasons is this bed bug. There are a lot of questions that are asked about this bed bug and we are going to find answers for some of them. One of the very common questions is that how long do bed bug bites lasts? We are going to share some common knowledge based on science and what people have experienced.

On a common research based on people’s experience and also the scientific fact, a bed bug bites last for at least one week. It could also take up to 2 weeks depending upon the bite. If you don’t go for measures dealing with the bed bug, then it would probably take much longer that you would expect. Also, it depends on the blood type you are having. Some people have good immunity level and they are likely to get over with this bite very soon. While, some people don’t have that so in their case, those spots will be visible for quite a time.

how long do bed bug bites last and how to treat them

How long do bed bug bites take to heal?

As I have already said that it depends upon certain factors. For instance if you are taking some measures to deal with the problem then you are more likely to get over with them sooner. After you get these, you go to a doctor or with self-medication, you apply some cosmetics made for the purpose then you will get them healed soon. People with greater immunity will also have more tendency to heal them sooner than the people with weaker immunity. Make sure that when you sleep at night, you get rid of the bugs.

Taking good medication could prove a key factor in the faster healing of the bed bug bite. Also, take some proper food which should serve as a catalyst for the wounds to heal. There is also a time difference of the bites to appear on the skin. Some people are able to see them after an hour while for some, it might take up to a week to appear on the skin. So these were different factors contributing to the healing of bed bug bites and by them we can estimate that how long do bed bug bite lasts on human skin.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

Since we have a very good idea that how bothering can these bug bugs be. So, it is important that we move towards the discussion of getting rid of these bugs. Well, there is a long list of measures that we can take to get rid of these bugs and most of them are easy to be taken at home. I am going to give you a list of easy measures that you can take at home to get rid of these itchy creatures.

  • At first, you will need to get them off your bed. For that, you can go for vacuuming the bed every day before sleeping. This can remove the bed bugs and you will have a good night sleep without a bed bug bite.
  • Always checkout any furniture or stuff where these bugs are likely to grow. Don’t pick up any furniture from the curbside.
  • In case you are staying in a hotel, always check the bed you are sleeping on for begs. If there are any vacuums available then try them too.

By taking these measures, you are less likely to get caught by the bite of bed bug and save yourself from this itchy experience.

How to treat the bed bug bite?

In case, you couldn’t take those measures and now you are a victim of bed bite, only option left for you is to go for treatment. Following is what you can do in that case.

  1. First you should be sure of a bed bug bite. Because, in many cases, there are chances that rashes and spots could appear due to some other reason such as allergy etc. That’s why, at first, you should go to a doctor for the identification of the bug bite.
  2. You can apply different such as rubbing alcohol for the prevention of infection. In case that is not available, read the points coming below to take some home measures.
  3. Baking soda and water are things that are available easily at every home. And guess what? They combine make a good home remedy for bed bug bites. Make a paste of these two ingredients and apply on the place where there are rashes from the bed bug bite and leave it for some time. Depending upon your immunity, it will heal sooner or later. Leave the paste on your hand for at least half an hour and then you are free to wash it off.
  4. There are also many cosmetics and medication available on medical stores for the treatment of bed bug bites. They are better used only if prescribed by doctor or the pharmacist. You can still use them if you have a past experience of them. Anyhow, these measures can be taken when you get bitten by a bed bug and want to get rid of them.
  5. Eating vegetables and fruits with bitter effects can also be very helpful in fighting bed bug. They enjoy biting on the skin of people with sweeter blood. Taking fruits and vegetables such as turnips, bitter cucumber or bitter gourd are examples of such food.

Try any of the above things and yes, you will definitely get over with this bed bug problem.

Final Words:

So this was all from the treatment and getting rid of bed bug bite. We also told you how long it lasts and how does it take to heal. Leave your feedback and questions in the comments section below and stay tuned to Medical Stuff!

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