Low gpa Medical Schools

Before we move on the first thing that you should really do is to evaluate whether you truly want to go to medical school because you know it doesn’t get any easier from here if you already struggled through your undergrad or are struggling through your undergrad and you’re not enjoying it not that many people do enjoy it. But like you just are having such a hard time and you don’t know why you’re doing it. That’s the main thing if you don’t know why you’re doing it then consider if you really are passionate about medical school because from here on out medical school is not easy studying for the MCAT is not easy residency is not easy at all you know you’re working 80 hours a week and you’re getting paid not that much those first few years and then being a doctor just because you finally become a doctor doesn’t mean your job is all of a sudden easy it’s still very complex 30 signs heavy you have to continue education keep up with research keep up with new technology and you have to take your boards every 10 years so basically it never ends so if you’re not ready for that and you’re not that passion about medical school. Then it. It might be time for you to consider other options honestly.

low gpa medical schools

So if you’re doing medical school because maybe you come from a line of. Doctors in your family. That’s great but is it your passion or is that there’s you know like your family pushing you can take you so far but let’s say you finished medical school are you going to be happy being a doctor at the end of the day if you’re not happy being a doctor I mean not only does not affect you in your life and how your happiness but it also affects you know the people you work with the patients you work with can you imagine having a doctor who you know hates their job and is miserable all the time like as a patient you’re not going to have any hope or faith or trust in that doctor because you’re going to be like they don’t want to be here they don’t want to do their job they don’t like me I’m not you won’t even be successful as a doctor you know and I mean like you have to have patience to be a successful doctor and so if you can’t find patients who want to go DO.

You know it’s just it’s probably not worth it like if you’re going to work this hard to do something you don’t care about. Like why would you put all that time and effort and energy into something you really don’t care about so make sure that you’re just in this for the right reasons that you really do care about medicine and about being a doctor because otherwise it’s just this probably is not for you. Or you know are you just in it for the money. Because there’re other ways to make good money and I don’t think money while they can be a strong incentive for some people is not a strong enough to send him to get you through this entire process. Medical school is not.

Just like educationally challenging like it’s not just about the content it’s also like your mental well being you know like can you handle all this stress and all this pressure can you handle someone’s life in your hands you know like this is not a job to take lightly and it’s not a job to do for the wrong reasons this is absolutely a career you have to be in because you love medicine you love taking care of people you have a compassionate heart and soul and now it’s just too you are and you cannot see yourself doing anything else like that’s the kind of people I think should go into medicine and that’s the kind of people who if you do have a low GPA right now you absolutely can get into medical school because people realize like it takes more to being a doctor than just being book smart so if you’re if this is not you is this is not how you feel at all and you’re not like this is just your just like neo than.

Consider your talent your skills which are good at and then see how you can capitalize on those and see. How old were you can chase those dreams that you have other dreams other passion do you have like. Deciding to not be a doctor and definitely not the end of the world there’s just so much. There for you, like it’s it’s okay your journey might have sidetracked but your life is not over like most likely you’re still young and so you have your whole life ahead of you. And you know just like everyone says nowadays following your dreams follow your passion and do just that and I wish you the best of luck with that to another situation is maybe you want to be a doctor because you have a passion for helping people you do but you just don’t know any other ways to do it like in your mind you’re thinking.

I want to work with the people who need help and to you, that means a doctor healing people but there are so many ways to impact people and there’re so many options out there like definitely think outside of the box like expand your mind and open. You know like be open to so many opportunities like let’s say. You’d like rather be an engineer or something like that but you just like for some reason you think engineers can help people the way that doctors do that’s absolutely false because an engineer or a contractor installing a well in the village that had no access to water before that gives them life like that saves hours of the women and girls trying to travel to the nearest river or the nearest water source to get clean water caring at miles on their head just to bring it back to their family just so that they have enough to cook with it and maybe bays like once a week with it you know they can installing a water source in the village is a huge impact paving roads insta loans that’s a huge impact on water and sanitation 90 guys know like if you can improve access to water and prove sanitation in those phones you can decrease incidence of a lot of communicable diseases to like things like malaria which happened because these standing water puddles and our roads become Miskito nests you know like that’s where they.

Yeah I really can’t think the you know like that’s where the mosquitoes will go and they’ll reproduce over this that standing still water and then all of a sudden the entire Sloan have malaria you know so like there’s so much more you can do it doesn’t have to be directly being a doctor working one on one with a patient there in many other ways to impact people. Okay so. I rambled a lot. But at this point, if you can suffer through the signing to me ramble then I feel like you are ready to say. I do want to be a doctor. And I do have a legit PA what can I do okay so.

First of all I’ll just address it by most likely where you are in your journey so if you’re still in undergrad let’s say you’re a freshman and you just had a bad first year then there’s lots of hope for you obviously from this point out you just have to get serious buckle down and work hard and get those A.’s you just make sure that your GPA is trending upwards so that’s if you’re anywhere you can be a freshman sophomore junior like I know it junior year it seems kind of late but you know it’s better than nothing gesture so that at some point in your life you realized Hey I’m not on the right track I need to be to be a doctor I got serious. I fixed these problems that caused me to have the low GPA to begin with I addressed to them and now I make better grades med schools will look at that they will look at the trend in your GPA and oftentimes they’ll give you an opportunity to explain yourself and I think that they’re also you know knowledgeable they’re aware that freshman year of college a lot of people they move out of the house first time they’re immature little babies that like to drink lots of alcohol you know like they just realize that.

Sometimes the first year college is a little rough but if you change and they see that I think they can appreciate that and so just make sure you trend that GPA upward graduated with a lower GPA still no worries there are many options for you and there’s still hope for you to get into medical school until at this point I would definitely suggest taking a gap year so the benefit of taking a gap year is that you will be applying as 8 older applicants and just be older applicant itself has its benefits because it shows that you’re more mature it shows that most likely you approved your time management skills it shows you have more experience and these are all great things that make a great doctor and so being older applicant is definitely a benefit you stand out compared to all the applicants who are applying straight out of undergrad and as long as you use that time effectively it can really help out your application I’m so nothing could thing about gap years I just want to mention this. Is like maybe or an applicant who is used to sync your GPA borderline and you would be able to get into a medical schools some medical school if you applied now this is why I’m going to recommend a gap year for you for those of you who are on the borderline it’s the question of do you want to get into medical school. Or do you want to have options and what I see option I mean are you just going to go and apply and you get into one medical school in maybe a state you don’t really lay and it?

Let’s say you waiting here and you strengthen your GPA you get more experience maybe retake the young cat which was okay and assault scoring 9 did even better way better and now you have the option of going to a really good school. And so like. Maybe that’s worth the wait.

You can handle medical school another note about posters back. And I just only want to know this because an advisor mentioned it to me once and I’m going to say you know take it however you want to so basically what she said was. If you’re going to do post back don’t downgrade as in if your data all 4 years of college at a university. Do your post back in a community college because it does kind of look a little bit questionable if you let’s say okay and because I hate okay if you did okay many universities and he didn’t do well and then you decide to retake it in a community college it’s a little sufficient is it looks like you couldn’t handle it at a university level so you went to a community college which you know it kind of is. Known to be a little bit easier. So it doesn’t necessarily look that good but this won’t be always the case I don’t think all medical schools will look at that.

Sometimes I’d say if you’re not retaking of course and you just want to take more science classes different science classes to contribute your signs GPA and you do those out of community college even though you got your degree at a university. Sometimes they’ll just think you know. You don’t have the money to take more classes any university because it’s so expensive and some people can’t afford it you know taking in a community college is cheaper for you and it’s better for you and that’s okay too I think I don’t see why you know like. I feel like they should understand that maybe if you have an opportunity to explain that maybe they’ll give you one maybe they won’t ask at all because they don’t care that much about where you took the class you know but it’s just something to be conscious of. So the other options for you would be a special masters program.

For a master’s program so the difference between these 2 is that specialize master’s program is not necessarily a master’s degree I think some of them will graduate with a degree but it won’t be like masters of science it’ll be like specials masters. Something. I don’t know or they’ll give you maybe a certificate like this certification and something I looked into them that there are some really good programs out there most of them won’t guarantee and mission into the medical school but they will sometimes. Offer an interview if you do well in the program.

I’m still like a special masters program is usually just somehow integrated with the medical school of that university and it’s basically just an opportunity again for you to prove I can handle these med school level classes. A lot of the times the programs will like let you attend classes with the medical school students you know it’s like a taste of medical school and it. A way to show again not. Even prove so do you. That confident from these programs will give you a graduate GPA they will not contribute year undergraduate P. so you’ll still be applying with your undergraduate P. the same but they will also have the graduate GPA so just make sure they graduate GPA is better than your own one then your undergraduate PA don’t.

Look into a master’s degrees yourselves and. Do what’s best for you and what will make your application look good so moving on my next recommendation is to definitely strengthen it the rest of your application to basically keep in mind that you were applying to medical school so that means all the people you’re competing with are incredibly smart. Talented and have lots of. Experience they were all presidents of the pre-med society they’ve all done 1000 hours of research in addition to the thousands of hours of. Clinical volunteer experience they have like etc. so basically make sure that you are competitive with everyone else on the same exact level. Even if your GPA is the one thing that’s low so basically that’s what I’m trying to say is like make sure that your low GPA and you’re only weak point of your application make sure your MCAT and absolutely strong it has to be strong strongly recommend not applying with a low and cat in a low GPA absolutely 100 percent if your GPA is low your and cat absolutely has to be strong because your cat and your GPA are the 2 things that the med schools will lead you out with first so you know like I’m went to a workshop and one of them missions or actors set is that usually it’s just the secretary who will go through the application and she will take out all the applicants who don’t meet the requirements for the GP or MCAT so.

You might even get a chance to have your application looked at at all is your cat is low in addition to your GPA make sure that your own cat is stronger that way you can at least get your application the hands of an admissions director and then they can look at all the other wonderful things that make you a great candidate so don’t apply if you have a low I am Catholic GPA like it’s definitely best weight and simply best to like really strengthened that portion of your application make sure that you have clinical experience volunteer experience research if it’s possible Dino all requirements but you know they definitely have extracurricular is definitely be well rounded definitely have it’s good letters of recommendations have a strong personal statement when you get the interview make sure that you’re well prepared you know just show that basically your low GPA was somehow a fluke like everything else about you is strong you’re a good candidate for medical school that’s what you want to do and my last recommendation is to apply smart and so that means applying to schools that you actually have a chance of getting into and a really great resource for that is the Ansar it and as an art and I think it’s sold by an MC can look it up online and basically it’s a great resource that shows you like average GPAs average and cats the percentage of out of state students an in-state students and I think bricks on everything like the entire demographics of.

The students are accepted into certain medical schools I think it does it for all the medical schools and maybe US and Canada so you can look for schools that maybe accept a lower GPA and applied to those schools it may not be you CSS for Yale or Harvard but. You know. At the end of the day, you’ll graduate with your MD. And that brings me to my next recommendation which is considered a pine to DO schools yes there has formally been stigmas that come along with being NGO but the reality is those are diminishing and people recognize that do you or in every way equal to an anti they can do everything and you can do they can prescribe medications they can give anesthesiology they can do surgery they can do whatever and then they have the added component. Which is obviously osteopathy it’s like more holistic and if you don’t know about it definitely look into it I know I’m not doing it justice and the video but it’s a really great it’s a really great option still equivalent to an empty for sure so you know and I don’t know if I feel like it is hard to have never come across to DO if you’ve shot of doctors I see like you at some point should have met DO and if you haven’t you know to find one and shattered.

You’ll see like exactly the same the only thing about appointed useful is that it does not use in a cast which is what the and the schools use. So definitely be aware that. I’m a little bit more here because I think you have to apply to schools individually. Uhm but it could very well be worth it for sure. In and the other thing is that when it comes to calculating GPA is I know that some deals will. Are a lot more forgiving so like for example if you reach across and bring back again so let’s say that and see how and how can the first time and then you read it again any money when it comes to enhancing the wall calculate both of those great in here thank GP but some deals will take only the a and then ignored to see that you are the first science obviously the hostages POR in so you could be applying to deal with a lot higher. And find your peers. Okay and for the sake of completion and I will mention.

Uh, Caribbean schools there are any Caribbean or in you know someone who are actually a couple people who have gone to the Caribbean football anyone who finished so far in and. She got a residency in the United States. And now she’s in the practice standards. In Georgia, so everything for her works out extremely well. Uhm I have heard horror stories however of people going to the Caribbean can I get a residency in as you know like if you can get a residency. I’m very very very rarely and. Very few people. Or higher data in your capacity. So. You know patches at. A horror story area of a friend who knows someone who knows something uh that I’m currently. And I just need very worried about it in and I know when it comes to caring been schools they’re not on equal some are definitely better than others. And I have I would definitely apply marked the pressure be careful the wise about it now which was a really legitimately credible um. And I would honestly I would say a. That should be a last resort.

I think a deal of that very carefully. I’m personally that’s how I feel. If you like if you consider the states. To get yours. In the degree in Bulgaria and in that. And that is the minimal you know like no judgemental people who have been taken in schools are you saying no people were successful in um but I also don’t see anything wrong with being a DLL and so you can get in into this agency in the states and be India I don’t see anything wrong with that idea and the wages and your options and Alec. And the peace of mind about how to do it. So yeah I guess that’s. I am a firm recommendation. In LA definitely just work on improving everything that you can work on improving that EPA proving that you mentioned proving in the science classes. Proving that you can. Time minutes time in on a times mirror like you knows your options apply where content as the I guess. I’ll conclude a deal with some of my experience. So I did graduate. My undergraduate degree in biology with not so competitive minutes which ups so I obviously would like. And I can’t I’m not going to other intake and cat because I just. Didn’t have the time is twenty-four in a Neil. I would you be prepared so I didn’t want to take it because it is only available in cat or on record our. And so on and off the ground rule of the grueling process to go through studying and taking that long has. And so I always carry on with the much newer wouldn’t do well and I didn’t have with it and have the time in the I needed to really commit.

So I graduated without the cat. In taking at any of the graduates within that’s competitive. GPA and also you know like in this in that middle really was one hundred percent for me and how it can be made using a year. As will wait for me because of they up to that point I was thinking. I will ensure our when I wanted you in and you know it. Chris and also keen whatever when I was a kid. I really admire fashion and I definitely found innocent. And so. At that point. I took my jury instead in I’m not into a. Posted by programs in the special master program and I was leaning towards the master program and. Speakers and I didn’t know this at the time that a project proposal contribute to making an NTP in our age is thinking and it would be different classes that I would take justice show the at times as. And I want to do a special status because I wanted to graduate with some sort of degree your certification like in the morning personal that works for nothing. And so entered into specialized programs. And then I got into a. I’m actually a master degree. Because I found a One year masters. And it’s not a special masters program it’s an actual master’s degrees I have my masters in science and it was a win in medical school. And so I did get to take a few classes with the med students I wasn’t on the same exact schedule as them I didn’t have the labs like they do and things like that but lectures I did have with them and that was hard. And it definitely made me realize if I did get into medical school all my gosh like would’ve been able to handle it I don’t know like you know like you find a way you always find a way if you really care about you find a way but it was hard it was not easy at all and I graduated already.

I fortunately got a higher GPA than my undergrad so I’m definitely happy about that but yeah like because it was a one year’s master’s degree it was intense is and it was busy and I did not have that much time so again I was like the struggle with this anti I don’t have the time it takes to dedicate to listen to cat and I know I’m not going to be ready so I post on my own got because they did sign up for it I was like and then take it so I can apply the 2015 cycle of going to take in April. The new one just now. Now I push it back and now I’m on my second gap year but you know what like.

I feel like even though it was a longer path for me it is a long path for me like I feel very confident now about my chances of getting into medical school I feel like you had an applied any earlier and he soon or any point I would have definitely I don’t think I would have gotten and I would have been very unsure and silly to me it was just like. It just wasn’t a smart decision but waiting now I definitely feel a lot more confident I feel like I will do great on the cat and I feel like with my master’s degree behind me and all this additional new experience I have. Incoming and a lot more mature and coming in older I think that absolutely I have a chance of getting in somewhere I’m I mean I just get I don’t think I mean they get into UCSF. But I’ll get in somewhere I’m pretty sure and said I just feel good about it and I feel confident and. I think if I can kind of also perjury that and my interviews like I think things will go well for me so yeah that’s that’s my experience I don’t regret waiting at all and yet so. Thank you guys like from watching these videos like I not only get a few views and I only have a very small number of subscribers but it’s been fun and I enjoy it and thanks for watching and subscribe even though I’m sure I mean I continue making more videos as always.

Hi, This is Hamza Khan from Peshawar, Pakistan. I am a 2nd prof MBBS Student at Bannu Medical College and a hobby Blogger. The Purpose of this site is to share my knowledge and Guide new Medical Students.

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