Must read report if you are a swimming lover

Going to dive in a pool, yes it is probably the best way to beat heat in summer. As per  report issued by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), says diving in a pool makes you very susceptible to disease causing bacteria.

As per the report, the disease outbreaks because of swimming pools is increasing gradually and people can get some serious kind of infections by just going public swimming pools. People in United States just love to spend time in pools, whether if it’s actually summer or not, it is more like a trend. As per estimates there are over 10 million pools in country and that is just residential ones. While public pools count is near to 300k.

Outbreak is actually and incidence where 2 or more individuals develop the very same kind of symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, or gastrointestinal infections, after being in the very same place at the same time. Acute Gastrointestinal infections counts for actually 81 % diseases that outbreaks during summer time.

The results issued by report, showed there were 90 outbreaks in swimming pools of Puerto Rico and across 32 different states during 2011 and 2012. The result of this lead no less than 1300 people to get sick and around 70 individuals were hospitalized while one died.

Cl is used to kill bacteria in pool, but as per researchers actually swimming pools are no safer than beaches, lakes or ponds when it comes to water borne infections and diseases. The figure in report showed around 69/90 swimming pools treated with Cl (Chlorine) had an outbreak.

The report also figured out that during summer time i.e. from June to August, number of people use pools more often, however, the possible period for outbreaks from September to May are higher than June to August period. So it impliesMust read report if you are a swimming lover that majority of cases occur in hotel swimming pools.

The report highlights a specific type of bacteria which is called Cryptosporidium as the primary factor for causing disease. Until 1988 everything was fine but since after that Cryptosporidium is a serious threat to pool lovers.


To avoid disease borne in swimming pool, one should take shower before going in to pool, and it is advisory that never ever swallow water from pool. More over a more important thing is that never pee in pool and never touch public pools if you are having loose stools or some kind of infection. After all we all should make a mind set to keep pools clean as much as possible.

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