Medical students are gems that are the most valuable to humans since they are ones who save mankind. To support these students, especially who are unable to afford their study expenses, Medics Center have introduced a scholarship. This scholarship will ensure the payment of a good amount to students who win it.

We could give it to anyone but that doesn’t seem just. So we decided to set a little competition and criteria to win this scholarship. The winning amount would be $1000 and that is a huge amount to help you in your studies. However, to win this prize, you will need to put some research work.

You will be given a topic on which you will have to do some research and write an article. Research should be your personal and the article must be completely unique. I am also going to mention eligibility criteria below.

General Terms of Participation:

Since our website is related to medical and we need research in the field. That’s why the student who will stand eligible for scholarship must be studying medical.

Students participating for scholarship must be from the field of medical sciences.
They should currently be studying in any school and college teaching medical sciences.

You will have to write a research article which should be 100% unique. Its length should be from 5000-15000 words and no plagiarism will be tolerated. Following is the topic for your research.

Topic: Parkinson Disease: Symptoms and Treatment

Eligibility Criteria and Creativity:

Of all the things that are important, I have already mentioned that you must be an active student of any medical school or college. The article must be unique otherwise you be disqualified from the competition.

Take special care of creativity, reading ease, and the words you use. Your article will be more valuable if it is understandable, creative, and full of facts.

How to submit your Application?

To submit your application use our email address that I am going to mention. Also, there is some important information that must be shared along article otherwise you will be disqualified from the scholarship.

Personal details such as Name, contact number, email, and home address should be mentioned.
Name of the school and the area of your study.
A proof such as a document or certificate which could provide a proof for your studentship.

Email Address: [email protected]


The deadline for the submission of all the credentials in 30th August 2017. The winner will be announced on 30th August 2017. The scholarship money shall be sent to your address or school. Best of luck!

Hi, This is Hamza Khan from Peshawar, Pakistan. I am a 2nd prof MBBS Student at Bannu Medical College and a hobby Blogger. The Purpose of this site is to share my knowledge and Guide new Medical Students.