Some Amazing Facts about Marijuana


  • According to a survey, 42% people of U.S must have tried marijuana in their life time and their no is increasing day by day.
  • Experts believe and studies shows that marijuana is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol and on body it has no bad effect or very little bad effect.
  • It is said about marijuana is the cousin of beer. Because beer belongs to the same family marijuana come from.
  • government of Alaska legalized persoanal use of marijuana to be legal in 1975 and it is also available and legal in Alaska now a days.
  • Studies shows that marijuana has the ability to freeze cancer cells and remove it from the body and do not allow it to spread in the other parts of the body.
  • Legalizing marijuana in the U.S state will bring the profit of $8.7 billion in state tax and federal revenue per year and it is a lot of income to U.S government.
  • No one know it but it is true that the first president of U.S George Washington planted marijuana in his personal firms.
  • In North Korea marijuana is not considered as a drug and it is totally legal through out the country in North Korea.
  • Uruguay in 2013 became the first country to legalize to grow and sell marijuana .
  • In colorado marijuana is used in many medicine because of its good effect on human body.
  • In 2015 legal marijuana is one of the fastest growing industry in the United States. And it’s a good news for the businessmen in the U.S.
  • History shows that the first use of marijuana was in China.
  • In 2008 a huge amount of marijuana was found in china in a tomb.

Some Amazing Facts about Marijuana

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