Some unknown Benefits of Grapes

In summer whenever you go out in market, you see red, green and purple grapes decorated beautifully on shops and stalls. When you eat them the delicious taste of these grapes make you feel over whelming but it is not just the taste which is their good quality but they also come with several health benefits as well.

benefits of grapes

Some of them are listed below.

A key to healthy Heart:

Just like many other fruits, grapes is very good for the health of heart. Flavonoid quercetin reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and save the heart from the damage of LDL cholesterol. Cardiovascular diseases are also prevented since grapes have high amount of poly phenol which reduces platelet build-up and reduces high blood pressure.

grapes for heart

Lower your Blood Pressure:

Potassium and sodium have inverse relationship. When a body is low on potassium, there will be high blood pressure due to more amount of sodium in body. Grapes are said to be rich in potassium that’s why doctors recommend patients of high blood pressure to eat more grapes. Research says that if you take more potassium you will have 21% less chances of dying by any means.

Relief from Constipation:

If you are sick of constipation which generally happens to people aged above 50, you could eat fruits are that rich in water content such as grapes, watermelon and orange etc. Fiber is also very useful against constipation and grapes are rich of it.

Some other benefits:

Grapes can reduce free radical damage of cell membrane.

In our blood it may lower down the number of oxygen reactive molecules.

It also saves your body from the oxidation of fats and also has many other anti-inflammatory benefits.

So whenever it’s summer, never forget spending some dollars on this awesome fruit which saves you from many diseases in a very small price.

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