Sturcture, Function And Side Effects of Nicotine

Smoking wouldn’t be a very bad thing if not for the presence of this thing called Nicotine. You want to know why? This is something we are going to discuss in this topic.

Nicotine is a poisonous drug that is found in Solanaceae family of the plants. It is known for its various side effects. It is the major part of the tobacco which we smoke through cigarettes. This potent drug is the major cause of several diseases that people get through smoking including lung and mouth cancer. In a standard weight of dry tobacco, 0.6-3.0 % is this nicotine. Don’t make the mistake of taking it lightly because this amount is dangerous enough. Below are some major side effects of in-taking nicotine. Read them and if you are a smoker, take a lesson.

Chemical Structure of Nicotine:

As an addition information, here is the chemical structure of Nicotine:

Structure of nicotine

What are the Major Side Effects of Nicotine:

Here is a list of some major side effects that you can through smoking nicotine. First, I am going to talk about some uncommon side effects. After that, we’ll move towards the major ones.

  1. First of the less common side effects is Blurred vision. While you intake nicotine through smoking, it will get you high. The increased amount could cause you the blurred vision. This is less common because people who are strong mentally don’t face this problem.
  2. Headache is another less common but very bothering side effect of Nicotine. This also depends on the kind of person smoking it. A person with zero headache history and a strong is not known to get these headaches. Though, a person who is weak and start smoking, is more likely to have headaches by intake of nicotine. Some other less common side effects of nicotine include dizziness, nervousness and pounding in the ears.
  3. Starting with the major side effects, Lung cancer is the most dangerous one. The smoke that we intake through smoking reaches our lungs, thus, fastening the growth of cancer cells. This is the most bothering because people don’t realize it at earlier stages. It then become inoperable when it reaches its higher stages.
  4. Heart diseases are the most common damages caused by the nicotine. People with smoking habit are more likely to have heart attacks than other normal person. Also, irregular heart beat is another side effect that is common among smokers.
  5. Blood pressure is something people seem very concerned and nicotine holds a major position in causing it. This disturbs the flow of blood through the body and there more than half times chances of blood pressure problems. Some other mentionable diseases that are caused by the intake of nicotine include Chest pain, overactive thyroid, a dangerous jaw condition goes by the name of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disease, Diabetes, different kidney and liver diseases, stomach ulcer, and many more.

All of these diseases are known to give real severe pain. That’s why make sure that you save your money and health by not smoking this potent drug which seems funs but is the real foe.

side effects of nicotine

Final Words:

Reading about the different side effects of nicotine makes us realize that such a harmful drug it is. I will try to bring up some more knowledge on this topic. You can leave us your questions and feedback in the comments section. Till then, stay tuned to Medical stuff.

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