18 Symptoms of Black Fever

Visceral Leishmaniosis, kala-azar and also use the word black fever caused due to the bite of infected protozoan parasites having a genus of “Leishmania” or in a simple word a female sand fly. It takes too much time to develop and it targets to affect the liver, spleen and gallbladder that helps too in digestion. However, make sure it will be treated in time, otherwise, its consequences can be fatal!

How to know if you have developed it? It has more than a few symptoms that appear when you have it. Let’s have a brief view on some of them.

Life Cycle of Leishmaniosis:

As the two species “Leishmania” cause black fever, mostly found in the Indian subcontinent, Africa, and some European countries and keep in mind they like tropical or heat up the temperature. The life cycle is completed in two hosts, humans, and sandflies. As we know that the female sandfly is an actually a blood-sucker, this period starts when the female sandfly sucks the blood, and while doing so they inject the pathogen in the human blood and now it starts to build its root in the human body (develop in many time).

symptoms of black fever

Signs and Symptoms of Black Fever:

1. Weakness:

Weakness is basically decreasing in the strength in one or more muscles, which can be cured by eating healthy and taking some rest, but if it still remains, time to go for tests immediately.

Normal fever appears and vanishes, leaves some weakness which also disappears in no time with little healthy food. In case of black fever it is not the same. You will grow weaker every day and even with good food it persists.

weekness-symptom of black fever

2. Fatigue:

If you nearly dead with fatigue or exhaust without doing any heavy work so, maybe it has been caused by Kala-azar or black fever

fatigue in black fever

3. Vomiting:

In children, vomiting is one of the symptoms that appear when they have black fever. It is not noticed for adults though.

As we know the vomiting always be the prominent sign of any disease, so in the case of black fever it is a bit difficult to differentiate whether it has been because of the black fever or due to some other reason.

vomiting during black fever

4. Thin Hair:

You had think and strong hair but aren’t they becoming thin and weak? Guess it’s time to go for a checkup because research believes it be the effect of the bite of sand fly which causes Leishmaniasis (black fever).

5. Persistent fever:

Now let understand the meaning of persistent fever, consider if you have a normal fever and you take a tablet with some rest (according to doctor consultation), I ensure you will recover your health back. However, if it doesn’t work so must go for the test as quick as possible, maybe you have the black fever!

6. Night Sweats:

Night sweats mean excess sweating during the night and keep in your mind as well if your bedroom is at a moderate temperature, you may sweat during sleep. If these conditions aren’t applicable so, please go and consult with a doctor.

7. Appetite loss:

Appetite loss or Anorexia, means you feel no hunger, e.g. patients that recently recover from any disease often want to eat something. However, in the case of black fever, you won’t feel any appetite and can feel nausea.

8. Weight loss:

If you feel that you are losing weight rapidly without any cause, be aware it is the most prominent symptom of black fever.

9. Vague abdominal pain:

While, in this condition, you must feel abdominal pain and you feel that in your belly there are some kind of pointed stones which hurts a lot, so don’t intake spare medicines.

10. Diarrhea:

Diarrhea or also called by the name of loose motion, if you feel bowel movement and bloating in your belly it is yet another sign you may be a victim of this disease.

11. Cough:

Coughing is among the common symptoms of the disease. In black fever, the coughing goes worse and worse even if you are taking good medications.

12. Scaly skin:

Scaling skin is caused due to damage in the outer layer of the epidermis. The skin appears dry and cracked, which can be controlled by applying a simple lotion, but in the case of this particular disease, it would not work.

13. Anaemia:

Anaemia is a disorder that occurs when your blood falls short of sufficient energetic hemoglobin. Haemoglobin is a primary element of red blood cells and binds oxygen. In case you have unusual red blood cells, or your hemoglobin ratio in the body is low, the tissues within your body are not going to get sufficient oxygen.

14. Gray, dark, dull skin:

Victims of Leishmaniosis feel that their skin tone is going dull and dull day by day, cosmetics product won’t work even a bit.

15. Hair loss:

If you have a nice shiny strong hair but you observe sudden hair fall and split ends. Probably something fishy in there.

16. Enlarged and swollen spleen:

Your spleen is an organ that can be found beneath rib cage in the left region. Numerous complications from bacterial infections to liver disorders and even some cases malignant tumors may cause a swollen spleen. As swollen and enlarged spleen can be a result of any problem so it is not a prominent symptom of kala-azar, yet it cannot be neglected.

17. Enlarged liver:

If you got through a medical test and found that you have got an inflamed and enlarged liver, it implies it’s enlarged beyond its standard scale. The most common reason for malfunction is no other than Hepatitis but in Black fever, you will observe similar complications like the Hepatitis. The liver has got plenty of significant tasks to perform. It assists clean the blood by eliminating hazardous chemical substances that the body produces. It helps make a fluid known as bile, that helps break apart lipids from food. In addition to it also stores glucose, which supplies a rapid energy boost whenever needed.

18. Swollen lymph nodes:

The lymphatic system is a crucial part the defense mechanism of the body aka immune system. The lymph nodes filter lymph liquids which flow through them, trapping harmful bacteria, several viruses, as well as other microbes, which are subsequently killed by important WBCs known as lymphocytes. Lymph nodes can be observed independently or in clusters. They can be very minute like the head of a pin or can be as large as an olive. Lymph nodes can be sensed in the neck, groin, and underarms.

So if you feel swollen or enlarged lymph nodes it means, something is fishy in there and you must get yourself checked by a doctor. Further, it is a prominent symptom of any disease.

Can we cure black fever?

It can be cured, there are dozens of medicines and treatments available for it in the market. Medicine containing pentavalent and antimony compounds are proven quite handy against Leishmaniosis. However, the treatment should be initiated ASAP after diagnosis else after damage to immune system it is not easy to recover.

Complications of Black Fever:

Some common complications of black fever are:

  • Facial disfigurement
  • Damaged immune system
  • Haemorrhage

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