Symptoms of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis is a strong virus that attacks your liver and makes you suffer a lot. Doctors have classified hepatitis as Hepatitis A, B and C. According to them, C is the most perilous that make people suffer than most of the diseases and need really good time to be treated.

symptoms of hepatitis c

But how would you know if you have Hepatitis C? You’re going to read ahead some of the major symptoms of it so let’s get started.

CDC states than more than 80% of the people won’t know when they have developed it because at first it doesn’t show any symptoms but later on it shows many such as:


You will start developing a strong and long lasting fever which will make you look nuts.


You will start feeling weak and even good food won’t seem to show any improvement in your condition. Pay a visit to your doctor and discuss the treatment of most probable Hepatitis C.

Poor Appetite:

You used to eat a lot but now you don’t even want to eat a banana. That’s because of lost appetite caused by the dangerous virus that attacked you and you didn’t even know i.e. Hepatitis.

Aching stomach:

In case of Hepatitis C, people were seen holding their stomach and crying over pain

Joint or muscle pain:

Even strong athletes were seen having pain in their muscles and joints when they have developed this disease.

This must be kept in mind that some people develop the symptoms of Hepatitis C very early while in some people it may take a long time to develop them. In case of delayed symptoms treating it would take more time and would be more painful since it might have made strong roots within its victims.

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