Tips How to Control Diabetes

Diabetes can be controlled:

If you are a patient of diabetes then you must know how it is important to keep it in control as possible as you can. There are many things and many ways to manage your diabetes. If you are on medication you must have to take it on regular basis and on time. If you cannot afford the medication of diabetes there are several companies which provides cost free medication of diabetes to patients.

If you are going for a trip to some where plan it in advance and keep the medicine must with yourself and buy more medication if you needed it. Must keep with yourself insulin pen because it does not needs to be refrigerated and you can easily keep it while traveling. Keep with yourself enough amount of test strips and make sure that their batteries are fully charged.

tips on how to control diabetes

While having diabetes does not means that it is forbidden for you to eat in the restaurants but you have to take care about your choice while having dinner in any hotel etc. while ordering some thing read the ingredients of the item carefully and order that item which has less amount of calories. Try to eat any kind of vegetable must in your meal because vegetables have low amount of calories.

Eat your meat as slowly as you can and avoid over heating by ordering half meal for your self. Carefully moniter your levels before and after 30 mints of your meal. Also eat while it is a time of your meal because eating on wrong time will bring many problems later. Do exercise on regular basis if you cant go to gym for heavy exercise just do riding or walking on regular basis. For a patient of diabetes it is must to do thirty minutes daily.

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