Treatment options for Blood Cancer

Indeed cancers are most perilous diseases which is a fact that can’t be denied but the advances in technology have also made their treatment possible.

Blood cancer is one dangerous cancer which needs to be treated very carefully. There are certain aspects a surgeon would look upon before treating blood cancer such as age, speed of growth of cancer and different symptoms.

targeted therapy for blood cancer

Let’s have a look on different techniques and therapy which are handy in treating blood cancer.

Targeted Therapy:

In this type of therapy doctor prescribe different medicine which are used to control the spread of cancer. It focuses on the place where the disease had its origin and then stops it from spreading to other parts.

Side effects of targeted therapy may include weight gain, diarrhea, swelling, nausea and vomiting.

Radiation Embardment:

Though radiation aren’t good for body, they have become the most used technique to treat cancer. In this process, rays that have very high energy are embarded on the cancer cells causing them to destroy and stops them to grow again. Quantity of the radiation are bases for side effects to be shown. For instance, if cancer was severe and more radiations were thrown, then side effects would be more dangerous than less radiations.

radiation therapy for blood cancer

Induction Therapy:

 When radiation therapy, targeted therapy and steroids are combined to treat cancer, it is said to be induction therapy. It is usually used at the severe stages.

Stem Cell Transplant:

This is a very breath taking treatment. Because the above two treatments also hold great side effects by destroying healthy cells along with cancer cells, a stem transplant allows the body to produce new cells. It requires a patient to stay for quite a long time since it important for patient to stay away from sickness during this treatment.

blood cancer treatment with stem cells transplant

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