Treatment options for Brain tumor

If you are suffering from Brain tumor and you are looking for treatment then here are few options that your doctor might choose for you. There are several factors that a doctor will have to look into before going for treatment that could include the size of the tumor, location of tumor in the brain, age and your health condition and the type of tumor.

treatment options for brain tumer

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):

This is a heavy machine that produce magnetic rays and is linked with a computer. It will form images of what’s inside your head. By injecting a special dye doctor can know the difference between the tissues of the brain in the veins of arm.

mri for brain tumer


It is a dye which is injected in your blood to form an image of the blood vessels of the brain as an x-ray. X-ray would show the tumor in the vessels if it is present.

angiogram for brain tumer


In this on order to look for tumor, tissues are being removed from the brain. A doctor then look if you have abnormal cells. This helps to reveal if there are cancer cells in your body or if you have chances of producing cancer in the future.

biopsy of tumer

Ct scan:

It is an x-ray machine which would take many pictures of different part of your head. This helps doctor to analyze the condition of your brain and decide what to do ahead of your condition.

Neurologic examination:

In this doctor will check out few things like reflexes, strength, vision, hearing and co-ordination. Tumor sometimes causes swelling in the nerves that connect eye to the brain and doctor is responsible to check that because that is a major symptom of the problem under discussion.

neurological examination of brain tumer

Treating this ASAP is better than regretting it for whole life.

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