Use of Carbs

We all use carbohydrates in our daily diet. Our body needs carbs to get energy from it which is important for our daily routine. But every one ask that how much carbs our body needs and how much we eat? They also ask the side effects of eating more or side effects of eating less? The answer is quite simple it depends on the daily routine of your day to day life. But the most important thing is to eat carbs in which parts of the day?

Use of Carbs

How much fat to eat and to use how much protien in a day depends on the following several factors.

  • Lifestyle
  • Exercise
  • Target body weight
  • Level of activity
  • Insulin resistance
  • Your job

Department of Health and Human Services, in America suggest that half of our daily calories come from carbs. It means that an individual who eats around 2,500 calories on daily basis should eat 300 grams of herbs. This number is good for average of americans but they have to think care fully about the source from where to get these carbs.

Following are some carbs which you have to avoid at any cost.

  • Pastries and sugary snacks
  • Fruit juice and soft drinks
  • Cookies
  • Candy
  • Pasta
  • Whilte bread
  • Kids cereals which contains high amount of sugar
  • Snack foods
  • Greasy chips

You have to avoid the above items because they are all rich in calories and have no nutritional values at all. Several of these items contains trans fats and saturated which are not good for our heart and it can leads to diseases like diabetes type 2 and other disease like cardiovascular disease. And one thing to keep in mind if you are insulin resistant you must have to avoid these carbs because it has many bad effects on your body.

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