How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

When camera man says ‘smile’ but you are too embarrassed to do it because you have yellow or black teeth. Almost 20% of the people feel hesitant and conceal their teeth because of their bad color. Do you brush your teeth daily but still you have yellow teeth that make you feel embarrassed among other people? It is time to learn how to get rid of this problem.

white teeth

Brush after Eating or Drinking.

When we eat the thing get stuck on our teeth and changes the color gradually since many food products have chemical additives. You must brush your teeth immediately once you’ve eaten even though it is not the easiest way.

Use Baking Soda.

It is not always necessary to use baking soda for baking but you can also use it for whitening your teeth and many people have agreed on the fact that it really works. Hydrogen per oxide is a good anti-bacterial agent. Make a paste of Hydrogen per oxide with baking soda and brush your teeth as usual. Always keep in mind to brush you back teeth too. This helps your mouth to remain free of germs and you can have white diamond teeth.

whiten your teeth with baking soda

Orange Peels or Lemon.

Advances in sciences have recently discovered that lemon or orange peel can do the trick of whitening your teeth. They taste delicious in food but their acidic content can clean off the enamel from your teeth. Never forget to rinse off your teeth after applying it because it would save you from the effects of acid present inside.

orange peels to whiten your teeth


Sea salt.

Dissolve ½ tea spoon of sea salt in water and make a mixture. Dissolve your tooth brush in it for 3 to 5 minutes and then brush your teeth instead of using tooth paste. In this way you can easily get rid of unpleasant colors from your teeth.

sea salt of white teeth

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