Parasympathomimetic Drugs- Everything You Need To Know

parasympathomimetic drugs

Parasympathomimetic drugs also called as cholinomimetic or cholinergic drugs, these are actually the drugs which produce effects same as those produced by the incitement of parasympathetic nervous system on the particular organs. Neurotransmitter contains acetylcholine. Most of the peripheral autonomic nervous system fibers produce the secretion that cause synthesis and release of acetylcholine. However, results in activation of the parasympathomimetic system, thus named as cholinergic fibers. All preganglionic and some parasympathomimetic postganglionic with postganglionic sympathetic fibers, adrenal medulla and skeletal

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Potassium Channel Blockers- & Its Pharmacology

potassium channel blockers pharmacology

Potassium channel blockers are classified as class III antiarrhythmic agents, use to modify or prolong the effects of potential and refractory period, that further go in order to combine with normal conduction velocity, as a result help to treat the cause of re-entrant arrhythmias. Although it didn’t affect the specific rate or duration cycle base on sodium channel, here a question arises in your minds why isn’t the sodium cycle affected? That is because, of its ion channel are supremely

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Sodium Channel Blockers- Its Classification And Mechanism

sodium channel blockers list & mechanism of action

The world of drugs grows bigger every day and with the rapid progress of medical sciences it is growing even faster. There are thousands of drugs for different diseases and if we start writing about each of them, the language will grow tired. However, there are few drugs on which medical sciences are paying more concentration and students to need to understand them in order to get better with their medical sciences studies. One of those special drugs is Sodium Channel

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